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  • Andrea Bade

How does a traffic ticket impact your driver’s license?

Demerit Points

Getting a traffic ticket can have a huge impact on your life. It can affect your career, insurance premiums, and even you license. When you are convicted of a traffic violation, you get what’s called “demerit points.” Demerit points are put on your license by DMV and add up with each new offense. Not all traffic infractions get the same number of demerit points. The more serious the offense, the more demerit points are put on your license. For instance, a reckless driving ticket is actually a first degree misdemeanor. That means it is a criminal offense where you can face criminal penalties and obtain demerit points on your license. Below are some common traffic offenses and the demerit points associated with them.

Safe Driving Points

Did you know you can also get safe driving points from DMV? For each full year that you drive and do not get convicted of a traffic infraction, you get 1 safe driving point. You can also earn 5 safe driving points by completing a DMV approved Driver Improvement Course. If you are Court ordered to do a driving course, then it is up to the Court whether or not the course will also provide you with safe driving points. Some Courts require you to complete the course, but will tell DMV you are not allowed to get safe driving points for taking the course.

To see what points are on your license, go to the DMV website.

More detailed information can be found on the DMV website, which is the source for this information. Please see:

If you are concerned about how a traffic infraction or violation may affect you, please contact legal counsel. You can always give Shaia's law a buzz with any questions at 804-477-4972.


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