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Shaia's Law Expands!

Richmond, VA. Shaia’s Law, PLLC, which opened its doors as a Richmond-based firm concentrating on assisting small businesses, criminal defense, and civil litigation in 2021, announces the addition of attorney Andrea Shaia Bade. Bade, who clerked with Hanover Circuit Court and worked with the public defender’s office in Lake County, Ohio, left her general practice at Friedman, Framme, & Thrush, P.A. to create a Father-Daughter law team. Bade’s courtroom presence and proven case management skills are a good fit as the firm expands, according to the firm’s founding partner, Thomas Shaia, who served the Commonwealth of Virginia as a prosecutor for more than 30 years and was lead attorney for the Financial Crime Intelligence Center.

Bade earned her Juris Doctorate degree at Case Western Reserve University Law School, where she distinguished herself as a top student, captain of the international moot court team, and founding member of Open Ground, an organization dedicated to fostering good mental health for law students. Bade’s practice will include defending juveniles; working with separation, child custody, and support agreements; representing parties in uncontested divorces; adoption; traffic cases; and criminal cases. She will also work with clients to have their driving and firearm privileges restored, and to exercise their rights under landlord-tenant laws. Shaia’s Law is now positioned to represent clients across the board—a one-stop-shop for most business, criminal, and family law related matters.

“I’m excited to join my father—also a Case Western Reserve Law School graduate—in this practice for many reasons,” Bade said. “He was my inspiration to study law, is an expert in criminal law, and a willing mentor,” she added. Bade said clients will benefit from being represented by the father-daughter duo because their individual strengths complement each other. “I look forward to practicing with my dad to make a difference in the lives of families with looming legal issues,” said Bade. “We know the court system and we know the law,” said Tom Shaia, “and with two generations in the practice we can better serve an array of clients with varied legal needs.” To learn more or hire and attorney, contact Thomas Shaia or Andrea Bade at (804) 477-4972 or go to their website at

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